Pet Sitters in Topeka, KS

When you’re away from your furry loved ones all day or for multiple days, it’s hard not to wonder if they’re happy and safe. While it would be ideal for the entire world to be dog-friendly so your pooch would never have to leave your side, this sadly isn’t actually the case. That’s why The Dirty Dog offers an assortment of dog-tastic pet care services that will fill your dogs days with safe, playful enjoyment while you’re away.

Pet Boarding & Kenneling

Finally, a guilt-free option for overnight dog and cat boarding! We offer options for both private and social boarding. Dogs or cats will be kenneled for meals and to sleep, otherwise they’ll be staying social and active in one of our supervised play areas. Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag for your furry family member. Be sure to include any medication, their favorite food and treats, toys and blankets to make their stay even more comfortable.

Pet Boarding & Kenneling

Boarding can be a great time to get your dog acquainted with some new behaviors. During their boarding experience, your pup will take the occasional break from the play yard to get one-on-one training lessons. Our licensed trainers use fear-free positive reinforcement training methods that will be supported by our dog-doting play yard supervisors.

Dog & Cat Daycare

While you’re away, your pup and cat can play! Pet daycare is a great way to keep your dog or cat busy while you’re at work or running errands. Our play areas are organized based on animal temperament and give your furry friends tons of room to zoom, sniff, explore and lounge.

Our certified play yard attendants are experienced in recognizing animal behaviors and perform positive reinforcement behavior modification practices to keep the play yard safe and fun.

Give your dog or cat a day of play and you get to take home a happy animal? Sounds like a win to us!

In-Home Dog & Cat Sitting

In-home pet sitting gives your pup or cat all the comfort and familiarity of home– at home! When you can’t be home with your furry pals, we’ll come and keep them entertained.

This is a great option for multi-pet homes, dogs or cats who have recently had medical issues, puppies and kitties, and elderly pets. Your pet sitter will make the most of your dog’s days while keeping them on a familiar schedule.

What Our Clients Have To Say?

There is no better place to take your fur-babies! Mandi had the biggest heart and not only goes above and beyond for each animal but always does what she can for the owners, too. My dog LOVES Mandi and even after moving an hour away, I still make that drive to Topeka to have her groomed. It’s more than worth it. Mandi has become like family and I can only imagine that everyone else feels the same way!!!

Courtney B.