What Services Are Included?

If you request our Bath Package, Tidy, or Full Service Groom, the following services are included:
  • Nail trimming
  • Full-body shampoo scrub 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Leave-in conditioner treatment
  • Blow out 
  • Brush out 
  • Cologne! 


For a Tidy, we focus on the 3 Fs (Face, Feet, Fanny), and we will trim those areas accordingly. We do NOT style pets who request a tidy – tidies are for pets whose coats do not need an all-over groom.

For a Full Service Groom, we will do all of the above and style a pet as close as we can to the customer’s request. Please note that the presence and severity of mats, condition of the pet’s skin, temperament, age, etc., will affect pricing and our groomers’ ability to groom your pet to your standards. 

Above all, even the customer’s requests, is the comfort and happiness of your pet. If your pet is too stressed or it is unsafe to continue the groom for the pet OR the groomer, we will contact you and stop the grooming process. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but safety is our top priority at our facility. 


Other services we offer for an upcharge:


  • Pet-safe fur dye 
  • Teeth brushing
  • Spa upgrade (call and ask us for options!)
  • Choice of shampoo
  • Seasonal cologne
  • Nail painting


What Our Clients Have To Say?

There is no better place to take your fur-babies! Mandi had the biggest heart and not only goes above and beyond for each animal but always does what she can for the owners, too. My dog LOVES Mandi and even after moving an hour away, I still make that drive to Topeka to have her groomed. It’s more than worth it. Mandi has become like family and I can only imagine that everyone else feels the same way!!!

Courtney B.